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Artist Statement

Lucinda Eubanks

Lucinda Eubanks, Artist

I remember handing my grandmother a drawing I did of the Easter Bunny. Right then and there, at the age of six, I declared I would be an artist. It was said and therefore it had to be. Over the years, the desire to make the cynics eat crow fueled my growing passion. The pervasive sentiment at the time was, “It’s a hard life; I hope you marry someone rich.” Well I did and I didn’t. I did become a professional artist and I didn’t marry into money. Being an artist is not optional. I need to create. I need to teach. Both are authentic. That I have the ability to touch someone with my art gives me a powerful sense of purpose. A collector may look at one of my paintings in their home and be transported. A student may take a watercolor class and years later send me an invitation to their first art show. These moments make my life full.

I ’ve enjoyed watching my art evolve and mature over the decades from the Easter Bunny to the abstracts of today. To make art is to communicate my extended consciousness. The texture I am able to add to my abstracts with a palette knife and the hard end of a brush deepen the emotion of a piece. My abstract paintings truly reflect my passion for life.

Almost daily I enjoy painting in my studio, Cloud Nine. It makes me feel alive, especially as I get close to finishing a piece. For me, it is equivalent to completing a complicated puzzle or solving a complex problem. With a final stroke of the brush I have just accomplished something that took not only creativity and skill but also time and determination. Once I have completed a painting and I know that I've hit it on the head, I feel as if I'm driving fast over an open highway with nothing between me and the horizon.

I hope my art is able to enliven your senses so you readily
recognize the vivid colors and textures surrounding you in the everyday.