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Lucinda Eubanks Painting Commissions

Lucinda getting ready to start on a commission

Do you have something important in your life that you would like to commemorate in a unique way? Commission Lucinda to do a painting of anything you may treasure; your family, view, home, pets, anything at all.

The great thing about commissioning a painting from Lucinda Eubanks is that you get to work with the artist herself! She believes that producing a work of art on commission creates a special relationship. At the start, you will work closely with her so that all parties involved imagine the creation of the art in pretty much the same way. You will discuss any aspects of the commission, from size, color, and medium. Lucinda usually works from a photograph, or photographs, using these as models in order to get the feeling and the subject matter correct.

Lucinda will arrange for you to periodically view the work in progress (via email). That way, you can address any concerns before they get serious. Dialogue is always encouraged. Lucinda wants you to feel comfortable asking questions, and expressing opinions about the art and its progress.

Commissioned Artwork in progress by Lucinda

Commission for Tamara Stevens in N.J.

Completed Commission painting for the Headricks - East End

Harbor Lights - Commission for the Ingalls

Commissioned artwork completed by Lucinda - Caribbean Sea Map

Map of the Caribbean Sea - Commission for the Ritz-Carlton in St.Thomas, 7ft x 3.5ft, sits behind the reception desk


Harbor Lights - commission for the Ingalls on display at their home

Harbor Lights - Commission for the
Ingalls on display in their home

Before - Commission for Headrick - this was the picture provided
Commissioned Artwork for the Ingalls completed by Lucinda

East End - Commission for the
Headrick family (former owner
of the Minnesota Vikings)